Cost Book

Manage the cost book specific to your company. Create groups, items and pricing that reflect your specific service offerings.

  • Cost Book - Manage cost book for your company
  • Edit Cost Item - View a list of all estimates for a specific job
  • Cost Groups - Group your cost items to increase estimate productivity.

Cost Book List

You company cost book is an organized list of cost items that can be dropped on estimates to quickly create customer specifications. Cost items are grouped by Cost Groups. Each cost group shows the group name and the number of cost items under the group. You can easily expand and contract the cost group items. Insert new cost items to a specific cost group by clicking on the "plus" icon on the right side of the cost group line.

Expand your cost group to show the items under the cost group. All cost items under the cost group are sorted by their respective task number. It is here where you can easily edit the cost item or remove the cost item. Click on the task number or the "Edit" icon to edit the specific task.

Edit Cost Item

You can update all the basic fields of a cost item. Changing or updating a cost item does not change any estimates or assemblies. Changing the task number may affect the order to which the task is displayed under the cost group. The material cost, labor cost, and other cost is the respective costs for a single unit as specified in the unit of measure. For example, suppose we had a cost item for "Interior Painting" and the unit of measure is "SF" (square foot). The material cost would be the cost of the paint, brushes, etc.. needed for painting 1 sqare foot. The same goes for labor and other costs. An estimate can now say "Interior Paint" with a quantity of 200 square feet. Remodel Cloud will do all the hard word and show your costs and your price based on your margins.

Cost Groups

The cost book and its items are divided among "Cost Groups". Cost Groups make it easier to locate specific tasks during the estimation process. Remodel Cloud provides each company the ability to manage their own cost groups. Remodel Cloud can easily support a painting company, roofing company, or any business that maintains their own cost book.

Cost Groups are listed by the order number. You can optionally edit and remove cost groups via the administration screen. CAUTION.. removing a cost group will also remove all cost items underneath.