Remodel Cloud's feature set is aimed on those primary functions you require to manage and grow your business. We focus your development efforts on quality and those features most important

Jobs and Customers

Create unlimited number of jobs and track your leads through your sales process. Job and customer details give you a summary view of your sales lead or active job.


Verify your margins and profitabilty while you build estimates quickly and accurately. Respond quickly to customer's request with professional Customer Specifications showing your logo and your verbiage.

Change Orders

Change Orders are just a fact of life when working home remodeling. Remodel Cloud creates change orders like another estimate and gives you the ability to send change order agreements to your customer in a matter of minutes.

Invoices and Payments

Generate invoices and send them to your customer with the click of a button. Capture payments on the job site, after hours, or anywhere anytime.

Sync with QuickBooks Online

Sychronize your Remodel Cloud customers, jobs, invoices, and payments with your QuickBooks Online Accounting System. No more double entry of financial information saving you time and simplifying your process.

Media Center

Store all project media including photos, contracts, documents and videos in a single location where it can be access by your team anytime and anywhere.

Cost Book

Use the default cost book aimed at home remodelers with over 2500 tasks or manage a cost book specific to your company where products, services, and costs reflect your specific offerings. It is fully customizable.


Create assemblies for common project tasks and use them to build estimates very quickly. Remodel Cloud gives you the ability to add assemblies to estimates or create assemblies from an estimate.


Remodel Cloud has may reports to help analyze your lead generation, marketing efforts, profit margins, and/or missing payments. If you don't know your numbers, you are going out of business... you just don't know it yet!

Branding and Customization

Remodel Cloud if fully customizable allowing you to enhance your company's brand and image. Use Remodel Cloud to portray a professional image that is trusted by your customers.