Invoice information is seen on the Job Details page in the Job Financials section. The number of invoices and the total amount of invoices is displayed. Invoices can be accessed via the menu on the right side of the screen.

Invoice List

List of all invoices for specified job. The list displays the invoice number, creation date, due date, date sent to cusotmer and the amount. Select the invoice number to view the Invoice Details. Select the "New Invoice" button to create a blank invoice. Use the Invoice Wizard to create an invoice from the current outstanding balance.

Invoice Wizard

The Invoice Wizard looks at the project total and the total amount of existing invoices to determine the amount the project that is not yet invoiced. The Wizard lets you specify a percentage of the un-invoiced amount. You will supply a description for the invoice line item and the invoice will be created when the "Create Invoice" button is selected. The user will be taken to the "Invoice Details" screen to view the new invoice.

Invoice Worksheet

The "Invoice Worksheet" page shows the invoice and allows for updates and other actions. The following actions are available on the Invoice Worksheet page:

  1. 1. Add invoice detail line
  2. 2. Remove invoice detail line
  3. 3. Edit details via inline editing
  4. 4. Download invoice in PDF format
  5. 5. Send invoice via email
  6. 6. Store invoice as artifact in job's media center
  7. 7. Create a payment for this invoice
  8. 8. Remove invoice