Creating a new job and customer is the primary way to getting startd. Remodel Cloud offers serveral ways to which you can work with new jobs, existing jobs, or customers.

  • New Job - Create a new job and customer.
  • Job List - List of jobs where you filter, sort and search for specific job or customer.
  • Job Details - Job specific details including customer and financial information.

New Job

We must capture information about the customer as well as the project to create a new job. Select the "Create Job" button to save the customer and job in Remodel Cloud. You will directed to the Job Details page once the job has been created.

Job List

Select "Job List" from the left navigation menu to display a list of jobs. By default, the newest jobs are listed at the top. Select the job number to show the job details. Use the search bar to search for customer name or street name.

Job Details

The "Job Details" page is a single location for all your job information. This page is divided into three sections: Customer Information, Job Infomation, and Financial Information. the navigation bar on the right has links to other job information such as estimates, change orders, invoices, etc....