Remodel Cloud uses the Specifications to present the estimate to your customer and optionally get approval from the customer. You can customize how the agreement is formatted and send it electronically to the customer.

Specification Agreement

The "Specification Agreement" is generated automatically from your active estimates. Any changes to the esitmates will be reflected on the Customer Specification. You have several options for configuring your specs specific for your company.

Action Items

There are many ways to use Customer Specifications. Each function can be initiated by clicking on the respective action link on the top of the specification document. The following are valid action items:

  • Options
  • Download
  • Email
  • Media Center

Options allow you to configure how the specifications are displayed. You can show/hide fields or optionally set text for description and terms fields. You can also dictate if the downloaded document is MS Word or PDF.

Download will download the generated PDF or MS Word file to the user's workstation.

Email will send an email with the attached document. You can optionally set the email subject, content and recipients.

Media Center button will generate the document and save it to the Media Center as part of the respective project artifacts.